Four Steps to Enjoying Spring or (Life in General)

Photo Credit: xavipat via Compfight cc

Look Up

1. Go for a walk.
While you’re putting on your walking shoes and getting a bottle of water, etc. etc., listen to the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. This will help to uplift you and get a positive vibe in motion.

2. Breath deep and listen.
While you’re walking be conscious of your breath. Listen to the birds, the wind in the trees, whatever sounds surround you. Let your thoughts, worries, plans and concerns go.

3. Observe, feel and smell.
Observe your environment. Notice beauty. Take it in without judgment or inner commentary. Feel the air against your skin. Smell Spring.

4. Be still and stay awhile.
Find a place to sit or lay on the earth, preferably a quiet area with wild flowers. Remove your shoes. Let your bare feet connect to the earth. Allow the earth to literally ground you.To learn more about grounding read the book, Earthing by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D. and Martin Zucker. Be still and stay as long as you can.

Remember this experience is not intended to get exercise but for pure enjoyment. If you’re feeling over-worked, overwhelmed or over-the-edge, try out these simple steps today, share them with your friends and loved ones. Mother Nature truly has the cure.


One response to “Four Steps to Enjoying Spring or (Life in General)

  1. I truly believe that a walk in nature is sometimes all that we need to revive our inspirations and spirit. There is something about being in nature that calms me down and forces me into the present moment.

    I love the techniques you include, they are all about bringing you to the present moment and letting go of those unnecessary anxieties and thoughts. I will have to remember these when I begin to feel overwhelmed by work, relationships and life in general.

    Great article and great points. We should connect! Come check me out by searching “Toronto life coach ” on Google. Keep up the inspiring work!

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