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The Illusive Dragonfly

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Elan Vital
(Vital Energy)

Whenever I see a dragonfly I think of my son. He left his physical form February 12, 2009. He died suddenly in a car accident. There were no goodbyes. In honor of his seven year old daughter a dragonfly story was told at his memorial.

This story is about a dragonfly nymph living under water. Every so often one of her family members would rise to the surface and she would never see them again. She did not understand. She tells her sister about this concern of hers and promises that if and when she rises to the surface of the water that she will return and tell her where she is at and what is happening. When her time comes to travel upward she is unable to return. She and her sister must learn to trust and accept the mysterious ways of life and transformation.

So along with me and some of the people close to my son, we have adopted the dragonfly as a symbol of our love for him. We feel his presence with the illusive, fluttering beauty of the dragonfly. As a creature of the wind, the dragonfly represents change. And just as the dragonfly experiences a transformation through a metamorphosis, I too went through and continue to go through a type of profound transformation that words cannot describe, within the experience of accepting the mysterious ways of life and death.

Do you have a creature that you are emotionally connected with? Consider lessons that you may have learned from an animal and make it your symbol. And remember you can surely have more than one.