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Sama Means Equal

A touch away from a new way, of making a living...

A touch away from a new way, of making a living…

Sama USA is an organization offering equal means of opportunities for those in need of specialized training to gain online employment.

Its original concept was to help college students gain employment in order to enable them to continue their education. Approximately eighty percent of community college students eventually drop out of school due to financial hardships.This is an 18-week program that consists of in-depth coursework,online modules and class participation. Its focus is to prepare one to enter and succeed in the virtual workplace.

The Sama USA program is currently branching out and has now attracted rural communities where unemployment rates are high. A significant number of the older population are also taking advantage of this exciting and new approach to employment. For many older people opening the doors to the computer age is well beyond their comfort zone. It appears that an open mind and a spirit of adventure is a prerequisite for the successful completion of this program. Sama USA introduces participants of their program to businesses such as Elance and Odesk. These established businesses connect freelancers to employment opportunities around the world. For instance Odesk posts over 100,000 jobs a month.If you or someone you know are intrigued, curious and possibly looking for a new career or some extra needed income, check out Sama USA today!